Our Pre-Design Packages:

Are you curious to know if you are ready to plunge into designing your new home or addition or are you curious about what can be built on your property- without the full commitment of delving into the design of your desired project? Then one of our 3 flat fee consultation package might be perfect for you. Our Pre-Design Packages make it convenient for you to get your toes wet before you commit to the full plunge into the big design.

Design Consultation

Our Design Consultation offers you a chance to have a one on one consultation with us at your site to discuss all your dreams, wishes and needs for your home. During the consultation we will bring our almost 20 years of design and architecture experience to the table to help direct you. We will answer your questions, give you guidance on the process, walk your property with you to help you visualize your ideas and needs for your home. Our exclusive consultation includes:

  1. A One (1) hour in person at site design consultation,

  2. A post consultation email write up that will summarize what your needs and desires are for your home

  3. A 30 minutes via phone follow-up question and answer time..

  4. A proposal will be included- if desired.

  5. A Reimbursement to your design consultation with us if you hire our Studio to design your home’s renovation, addition or custom home.

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Design Consultation + Site Analysis

This service is good for all clients who are looking into having us design an Addition or a Custom Home, because it will show what can and cannot be built on your site. By knowing the rules and guidelines of your site a foundation and a guide will be set up to what can be designed for your home’s site. This is truly the first step in the process to designing all addition and custom home designs.

What We Will Give You:

  1. All that is included in our Design Consultation

  2. Coordination of your survey with a land surveyor or civil engineer (making sure that the engineer places all the appropriate documentation on his/her drawing)

  3. Research that is placed in an easy to read outline of your site’s zoning. This research will show us a.) allowable lot coverage, b.) allowable building height c.) allowable set backs + more.

Design Consultation, Site Analysis + Sketch

This package includes all that is stated for our Design Consultation + Site Analysis package with the addition of a hand sketch that will give our client a basic visual gesture of what can be designed. This might be shown via a sketch of a proposed site plan or maybe a sketch of a proposed exterior elevation.