The Studio: "Our studio's goal is to make our client's life better through great design."

Our Studio's Focus...

Our Studio’s prime focus is to make our client’s home better. We specialize in working with clients who are facing a transition in their home life, from the birth of a baby to the moving in of an ageing family member and creating authentic solutions. We do this by deeply listening to each of our client’s needs. We recognize that these life stages of change can be daunting- and our mission is to help ease the transition with our 15 + years of residential design experience. We are here to listen, create solutions to make your house become your home for each phase of your life.

Maggie's Story...

  • Masters in Architecture from GA Tech

  • Harvard GSD- Summer Study

  • 15 + years of experience

Maggie is the owner and lead designer for her residential design studio that opened its doors to the public in 2005- a key year for Maggie- a year filled with much growth, vision and hope. In 2005 Maggie left her commercial office architecture job in exchange for beginning her own residential studio, married her childhood sweetheart and became pregnant with their first child, Evan Alexander Shannon. To Maggie this year is symbolic and absolutely in tune with what she sees for her studio: a wonderful and lasting relationship with her clients, that is filled with birth and life and growth. & in turn she strives to always create a space that will echo all the positive needs and wants of her clients. 

Maggie Grew up right outside of Washington, D.C. in the planned town of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Both places were designed by phenomenal people: Washington DC by the French born American Architect, Pierre Charles L'Enfant- and Chevy Chase by "The Father of American Landscape Architecture"~ Frederick Law Olmsted. She also spent her summers surrounded by the historic cedar shingled and salt air worn homes of Cape Cod, and other family moments on Georgia's Cumberland Island- a gem of natural preservation, historic homes, and wild horses.  With such wonderful and beautiful places to grow up, her exposure to rich architecture and thoughtful design is inherent in her work, and thus is a constant influence on how she designs.

Maggie feels happiest around creativity… and building. As a girl she loved the smell of cut wood, wall paper paste, and freshly laid carpet. She would sneak out to the family garage where the work bench and vise grips and all things creative lived- and would be in heaven, building, imagining, and drawing site models, homes and ideas. Thus her love for all things creative began and has never ceased.

Basically all things creative… an art opening, a painter's studio, a new fashion line, a construction site, puts a big smile on Maggie’s face.

Complementing Maggie’s innate draw to beauty, are her formal studies in art and architecture. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing and art from Lewis and Clark College, located in Portland, Oregon . From there she went on to study architecture at some of the top architectural institutes in the United States: a summer studying architecture and urban design at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and then moving on to receive her Master’s Degree in Architecture from Georgia Tech. To complement these studies Maggie had the privilege of being accepted into Georgia Tech’s European Architecture and Urban Design Program where she studied such cities and their architecture as: Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin & Basil.

With Maggie’s natural draw to beauty, style and building combined with her formal education, and 15+ years of experience working on both residential and commercial projects- her work is incomparable. She is passionate and thorough with each client that she works with one on one.