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The Steps to Contact & Hire Us

Step 1: Please give us a call at 404-759-4809 to discuss your project together over the phone or email us through our contact segment below to schedule a time for us to talk.

Step 2: During our phone conversation we will discuss your project and use this opportunity to make sure our design services are right for you. If so- then we can schedule an in person and onsite complimentary consultation.

Step 3: Here we will meet for our in person & on site complimentary consultation. This meeting helps me to further understand your project and your desires for it,  so that I can put together an accurate proposal for you. This time also helps to make sure that we're the perfect fit.

Step 4: We will put together a proposal for you.

Step 5:  If you like our proposal,  then go ahead and sign it and we can get started!


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